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School Rules


1. The school expects its students to be responsible individuals who seek advice when they need it but who are capable of managing their own matters.
2. The faculty assumes that all students come to school with a serious purpose and that they will confirm cheerfully to such regulations as may necessarily be made by the faculty, the principal or the Managing Committee of Vaish Education Society from time to time for the efficient administration of the school.
3. Students are expected to behave with decorum while obeying the regulations of the school and pay due respect to members of teaching staff & non teaching staff.
4. Unethical or undesirable conduct, wherever it may occur, will be held to sufficient grounds for dismissal.
5. It is each student’s responsibility to keep inform of all official notices displayed on the school notice board/Calendar.
6. Students are required to attend with regularity the course for which they have entered. In case of illness or some other genuine case of absence, a written application counter signed by the parents/guardian should at once besentto the principal.
7. Late comers will not be allowed to enter the school premises. Students who fail to attend at least 75% of the full course of lectures and practicals in each of the subject will not be eligible to appear for the board examinations.
8. Parents/Guardians should not visit their wards/teachers during the school timings.
9. No re-examination in case a student remains absent/leave in any test.
10. No student will be allowed to leave the school in the mid-school.
11. The students should maintain proper discipline and order in the school. They should move silently while shifting from one classroom to another without disturbing the other classes.
12. Mobile Phones or valuable articles are not allowed in school premises. The regulations are framed not to restrict the conduct of the individuals and groups of the students. They simply set-forth the basic policies established by the school so that all the students may live together in harmony. By the same token, even though the above regulations are neither detailed nor comprehensive, a student may be expelled from the school or subjected to other disciplinary action if conduct which is illegal, immoral or against the interest of the school.
13. Students are not allowed to leave the school premises, their classes during school hours without written permission of the principal (to be given only in genuine cases).
14. Students should wear proper school uniform in the school. It should be neat, clean and tidy.
15. Fees should be paid by 10th of every month else Rs. 10 per day as fine will be charged till 15th. After 15th name will be struck off from the school rolls Re- admission Rs. 500/- will be charged.
16. Pupils coming from other schools have to get their school leaving certificates countersigned by the District Education Officer/Regional Office of C.B.S.E.
17. Students must fill the Board forms very carefully complete Name, Spelling, Date of Birth, Mother's Name, Father’s Name (proper & correct spelling small or capital alphabets) subjects opted etc.
18. The school holds no responsibility if found guilty when the roll number are issued.


1. Students must reach the school at least five minutes before assembly.
2. Any damage done in the class or in the premises will have to be compensated by the parents of the child concerned. So, don’t dislocate, spoil, break the school property.
3. Students are required to bring books and notebooks to the school according to time-table.
4. If the students or the parents misbehave with any member of the staff, the school has every right to expel the concerned student from the school.
5. Any communication (request or complaint) made by the parents should be addressed to the class teacher.
6. Only those leave applications will be considered to be genuine, which are duly attested by the father/mother or the guardian of the students.
7. If a child is sick for more than three days, a medical certificate has to be submitted along with a leave application.
8. Students should greet their teachers when they meet them. They should remember that a school is judged by the behavior of the students.
9. Students should get their progress report signed by their parents/guardian within three days of possession.
10. The students should be regular and punctual.
11. Due attention should be paid to personal hygiene. The students should see that their nails are well filed, shoes properly polished.
12. Participate in activities of school wholeheartedly.
13. Attendance on all days of observation, functions or festivals in School is compulsory.
14. Parents should see that even if the students are admitted late during the term, the fees for the whole academic year will be charged unless a student has paid the fees in the previous school.
15. Only security is refundable.
16. Switch off the lights, fans when not in use.
17. Don’t shout, whistle or tease. No indecent language or inappropriate words should be used in class, school or elsewhere.
18. Don’t leave your classroom without proper/prior permission of concerned teacher/monitor. Outgoing pass should be with you.